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RWS Language Cloud Public API

The RWS Language Cloud Public API enables external applications to interact with RWS Language Cloud.

Product Configurations

This applies to all products that are based on RWS Language Cloud, including Language Cloud Translation Managament, Trados Live Team and Trados Live Essential. Note that, depending on the product and specific product configuration, certain functionalities may not be available or the rate might be limited through the API. In general, when certain functionality is available in your specific product configuration, the corresponding endpoints will also be available in the API.

Functionality Overview

At present, the public API contains mainly functionality that enables the creation, management and tracking of cloud translation projects.

Any other resources, such as project templates, pricing models or translation memories, need to be set up beforehand through the user interface.

Types of Integrations

At the moment, the RWS Language Cloud API can be called by custom (integration) applications on behalf of service users (non-human users). The ability to call the API on behalf of real end users will be supported at a later point.

Creating Your First Project

Follow the following steps to create your first project using the API:

1. Create a service user, an application and authenticate

Follow the instructions under Authenticate to create a service user and an application, and subsequently authenticate using the application’s client id and secret.

2. Create your first project

See Create projects for a walkthrough of the required steps to create a project.